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Selections From the Audi Book Library

General Information

NAC: 2008.0093
Collection: MOEB
Language: En
Black vinyl disc Side A - The Gettysburg Address - Second Inaugural Address (From THE WRITINGS AND SPEECHES OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN); The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County (from THE BEST OF MARK TWAIN) Side B - The Raven (from Great Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe); John Brown (from The Basic Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson); The Charge of the Light Brigade; How Do I Love Thee; Go From Me (from THE AUDIO BOOK OF FAMOUS POEMS)
RPM : 16 2/3

Music credits

Songwriter: Abraham Lincoln; Edgar Allan Poe; Ralph Waldo Emerson
Record company: Audio Book Talking Book
Manufacturer: The Audio Book Company

Technical sheet

Dimensions: Diameter: 18cm, 7inch Depth: 1mm
Material composition: Vinyl
Matrix numbers: AB-1959-11DEM, AB-1959-2-DEM
Place of manufacture: États-Unis
Place of broadcast: Amérique du Nord
Place of recording: [St. Joseph, Michigan?]

Audio section

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