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Athanase Beaudry

General Information

NAC: 2000.2108
Collection: MOEB
Language: Fr
RPM : 78 mono

Music credits

Artist: Athanase Beaudry
Record company: Starr New Process
Manufacturer: Compo Co., Limited

Technical sheet

Dimensions: Diameter: 25cm, 10 inches
Material composition: Shellac grooved disc
Manufacturer's catalog number: 15323
Matrix numbers: 15323A, E2688-1
Additional numbers: 15323-A, 15323-B
Date of manufacture: 1927
Place of manufacture: Lachine
Place of broadcast: Canada

Audio section

Side A : Le Nègre et Son Banjo (Imitation Villageoise)

Sorry, no audio file available.

Side B : Le Voleur de Pétaques (Histoire de Campagne)



Public domain. This object contains sensitive or offensive subjects: racial slurs, references to a past of slavery, hurtful words and attitudes towards certain groups of people. However, the museum presents it only for historical reasons.
Please contact the Musée des ondes Emile Berliner if you have the rights to the content of this article.