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Sid Plamador And His Orchestra

General Information

NAC: 3000.0025
Collection: MOEB
RPM : 78 mono

Music credits

Artist: Sid Plamador And His Orchestra
Songwriter: Plamador
Record company: Apex Francais
Manufacturer: Compo Co., Limited

Technical sheet

Dimensions: Diameter: 25cm, 10 inches
Material composition: Shellac grooved disc
Manufacturer's catalog number: 17083
Matrix numbers: 17083A, 11703; 17083B, 11705
Additional numbers: 17083-A, 17083-B
Date of manufacture: ca. 1954
Place of manufacture: Lachine
Place of broadcast: Canada

Audio section

Side A : Le Reel Francais


Side B : Set Americain



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