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Bienvenue à Montréal

General Information

NAC: 2020.0181
Collection: MOEB
Language: Fr
Black vinyl discs, Disc 1: Bienvenue à Montréal Disc 2: Bienvenue à Montréal (Instrumental)
RPM : 45

Music credits

Artist: René Simard; Claude Lacombe; André Mathieu; Vic Vogel, Side 1 : René Simard ; Side 2 : Vic Vogel
Producer: COJO
Record company: Nobel
Manufacturer: CBS

Technical sheet

Material composition: Vinyl
Additional materials: Paper label; paper sleeve
Manufacturer's catalog number: Disc 1: NL-5713; Disc 2: COJO 102
Comments: Made for Montreal Summer Olympic Games 1976
Date of manufacture: 1972
Date of recording: 1972
Broadcast period: 1970s
Place of manufacture: Canada
Place of broadcast: Canada
Place of recording: Canada, Montreal

Audio section

Side A : Indicatifs des sonneries olympiques

Audio noise

Side A2 : Indicatifs des sonneries olympiques Test


Side B : Indicatifs des sonneries olympiques trompettes, cuivres et percussion, Rythme de bossa nova, Rythme rock léger



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