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Waking Up with the House on Fire

General Information

NAC: 2009.0365
Collection: MOEB
Language: En
Description: Picture disc_x000D_ Side A - Coté A : Dangerous man; The war song; Unfortunate thing; Crime time; Mistake No. 3_x000D_ Side B - Coté B : The dive; The medal song; Dont talk about it; Mannequin; Hello goodbye
RPM : 33 1/3

Music credits

Artist: Culture Club
Songwriter: Culture Club
Publisher: Virgin Records Ltd
Producer: Steve Levine pour Do Not Erase Productions
Manufacturer: Grampian Records ltd

Technical sheet

Dimensions: Diameter: 25cm, 10inch, Depth: 2mm
Material composition: Vinyl, paper photo print
Additional materials: Lyric sheet, paper sleeve
Manufacturer's catalog number: VP 2330
Matrix numbers: 2330 A, 2330 B
Comments: Sleeve center cut away to reveal album art
Date of manufacture: 1984
Place of manufacture: Royaume-Uni
Place of broadcast: Europe

Audio section

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