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Buddy Holly

General Information

NAC: 2009.0344
Collection: MOEB
Language: En
Description: Picture disc, Rock_x000D_ Side A - It Doesn't Matter Anymore (Anka); Listen to Me (Hardin/Petty); Words of Love (Holly); True Love Ways (Holly/Petty); Think it over (Holly/Petty/Allison); Valley of Tears (Domino/Bartholomew)_x000D_ Side B - Mailman bring me no more blues (Roberts/Katz/Clayton); Girl on my mind (Denny); Ting a ling (Holly); Blue day's, blue nights (Hall); Don't come back knockin' (Holly/Parrish); Midnight shift (Lee/Ainsworth)
RPM : 33 1/3

Music credits

Artist: Buddy Holly
Manufacturer: The International Foundation Of Picturedisc Promotion (I.F.P.P.)

Technical sheet

Dimensions: Diameter: 32cm, Depth: 2mm
Material composition: Vinyl
Manufacturer's catalog number: AR 30059
Matrix numbers: AR 30059
Comments: Includes note: an interesting person for his influence toward famous bands : Beatles, Bob Dylan. 13/100 greatest artists. Tragic death.
Date of manufacture: 1987
Place of manufacture: EEC
Place of broadcast: Europe

Audio section

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