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It's A Miracle

General Information

NAC: 2009.0287
Collection: MOEB
Language: En
Description: Black vinyl disc_x000D_ Side A - It's A Miracle_x000D_ Side B - Love Twist
RPM : 45

Music credits

Artist: Culture Club, Helen Terry
Songwriter: Culture Club; O'Dowd; Moss; Craig; Hay; Pickett
Publisher: Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd / Warner Bros Music Ltd / Pendulum Music Ltd (side 1); Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd (side 2)
Producer: Steve Levine for Do Not Erase Productions (Side 1); Jon Moss (side 2)
Manufacturer: Virgin Records Ltd.

Technical sheet

Dimensions: Diameter: 18cm, 7inch, Depth: 1mm
Material composition: Vinyl
Matrix numbers: VSY 662 A, VSY 662 B
Comments: Recorded Live during UK tour in 1983 (side 2)
Date of manufacture: 1984
Place of manufacture: United Kingdom
Place of broadcast: Europe

Audio section

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