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Health and Welfare Canada

General Information

NAC: 2008.1701
Collection: MOEB
Language: FrEn
Description: Black vinyl disc
RPM : 33 1/3

Music credits

Record company: Health and Welfare Canada
Manufacturer: Health and Welfare Canada

Technical sheet

Dimensions: Diameter: 30cm, 12 inches, depth: 1.5mm
Material composition: Vinyl
Additional materials: 1 sleeve gatefold; 1 protective sleeve; 1 material sticker patch (physically active ones); 1 interactive evaluation card (Physi-rule); 1 paper correction sheet for Physi-rule; 1 guide tool for the paper selector; 1 educational poster (Physi-form); 1 scoreboard poster (Physi-kit); 1 pre-sealed evaluation table poster (the detailed physitest-version);
Matrix numbers: 5473, 5474
Comments: Instructional kit and audio_x000D_ program for Canadian fitness_x000D_ test
Date of manufacture: 1975
Place of manufacture: Canada
Place of broadcast: Canada

Audio section

Side A : Exercises pour les femmes


Side B : Exercises pour l'hommes



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