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Columbia Record Club - Test Record

General Information

NAC: 2008.1662
Collection: MOEB
Language: En
Black vinyl disc, Technical
RPM : 33 1/3

Music credits

Record company: Columbia Record Club
Manufacturer: Columbia

Technical sheet

Dimensions: Diameter: 18cm, 7inch Depth: 1.5mm
Material composition: Vinyl
Additional materials: Paper sleeve
Manufacturer's catalog number: D-15
Matrix numbers: ZSM 55301, ZSM 55302
Additional numbers: ZSM-55301-2L, ZSM- 55302-2AB (Runout)
Comments: Front cover on sleeve reads: "A 33-1/3 recording for testing the performance of monaural and stereophonic phonographs"
Date of manufacture: 1961
Place of manufacture: United States
Place of broadcast: United States

Audio section

Side A : MONOAURAL OR STEREO Introduction; Audio Frequency Responses: 10,000 To 15,000 Cycles; 6,000 To 10,000 Cycles ;3,500 To 6,000 Cycles; 1,500 To 3,500 Cycles; 900 To 1,500 Cycles; 550 To 900 Cycles; 300 To 550 Cycles;150 To 300 Cycles; 75 To 150 Cycles; 45 To 75 Cycles; Wow Test - Flutter Test - Rumble Test


Side B : MONOAURAL OR STEREO Distortion Test; STEREO ONLY Stereo balance - Channel identification - Speaker Phasing



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