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Steam in Motion a Tribute to 6218 - A Friend is Gone-Remember Her!

General Information

NAC: 1800.1276
Collection: MOEB
Language: En
Vinyl disc with paper jacket, Steam Locomotive sounds, Canadian Railroading
RPM : 33 1/3 stereo

Music credits

Artist: Canadian National Steam Locomotive 6218
Songwriter: Clayton Smith
Producer: Art Greens
Record company: S-G Recording
Manufacturer: Unknown

Technical sheet

Material composition: Vinyl
Additional materials: Paper jacket
Manufacturer's catalog number: S 201
Comments: Cover photography by F. Lemick. Jacket notes by W. Melhuish. Stereo. Volume 3 of 3.
Date of recording: 1968-1971
Place of broadcast: Canada
Place of recording: Canada

Audio section

Side A : Run - Past #1 On board (recorded in the Baggage Car); Run- Past #2


Side B : Run - Past #3; Run - Past #4



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